SWOP serves immigrant families on the Southwest Side. We encourage a safe space where the dignity of immigrants is respected.  SWOP works to give immigrants the opportunity to connect with people from the community and the chance to exercise their collective power and shared ability to act.

SWOP has been working for a path to citizenship for all immigrants since its foundation in 1996.  SWOP has been active and visible throughout the years, participating in marches and demonstrations against anti-immigrant laws that pose a danger to our community.  SWOP has been a key actor in a range of successful local, statewide, and national campaigns on behalf of immigrant families.   

Some of the campaigns our leaders and staff have been working on include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Civic Engagement
  • No More Deportations
  • New Americans
  • Registering people to Vote
  • Know Your Rights Trainings
  • DACA workshops
  • Family Emergency Plan information sessions
  • Administrative Relief series of information sessions
  • Get Out the Vote campaign
  • Driver’s License Campaign (TVDL)
  • Student Access Bill
  • ESL / GED
  • IL Trust Act
  • All Kids’

Chicago immigration march March 3 2006